Mosaic Tiles

Mix it up with mosaic tiles

Mosaics have been around for thousands of years, and are a stunning way to add some decoration to just about anything you choose. In this range, youll find mosaic tiles in a massive variety of colours, shapes, and materials, so you can truly unleash your creativity.

Whether youre creating an extravagant design or a simple motif, youre sure to find the perfect tiles for your mosaic project.

Colour, colour, and more colour

Mosaic tiles are a stunning way to inject a burst of colour into your living space, whether its one uniform colour, or a mixture of different colours, it is a clever and creative way to adorn your walls or surfaces.

You can start off with plain white ceramic mosaic tiles to etch a design out, then accent them with other colours and materials. Glass mosaic tiles are a lovely way to contrast ceramic tiles and serve as the perfect texture change when utilising this kind of design.

If youre thinking a little smaller, try giving a plain vase a new lease of life by covering it in mosaic tiles. You can also add tiles to a photo frame and display your memories in style.

Mosaic tiles for bathrooms and kitchens

Mosaic designs look great in the bathroom, and they can take your space from plain to eye-catching in an instant.

Whether you just wish to use small patches of mosaic tiles mixed in with larger ceramic floor or wall tiles, or are going bold and making your whole space a mosaic wonderland, youll find a vast array of tiles to suit anyones tastes.

If youre looking for a way to spice up your kitchen, try creating a beautiful splashback out of mosaic tiles.

Perfect both for protecting your walls and making them look fantastic, pick some tiles that suit your existing decor for a quick update to your kitchen, or completely revamp the room for something fresh and new.