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Moses Baskets

Let your baby sleep peacefully in a beautiful Moses Basket

If theres anything cuter than a newborn baby sleeping peacefully in a beautiful Moses Basket or bassinet, weve yet to see it. As well as being practical and providing a safe place for your baby, Moses Baskets will melt your heart and make you wish they could stay small enough to sleep in one forever.

Moses Baskets

Named after the famous biblical story of Moses, whose mother placed him in a basket and hid him in the reeds, Moses Baskets are still traditionally woven from palm, natural maize or sturdy natural paper rope.

The bottom of the basket is padded with a thin mattress, covered with breathable, fitted cotton sheet and the set often comes complete with cotton or waffle bedding. All material is designed to be machine washable essential and baby safe.

Features of a Moses Basket

Moses baskets commonly have handles on either side so that you can carry the sleeping baby from room to room, and into the nursery at night, without waking. Some Moses baskets come with a stand, either static, folding or rocking, so you can raise the basket safely off the floor and away from household pets or other toddlers.

Having a stand also allows warm air to flow under and around the Moses basket at night and makes it easier to pick your baby up at night for feeding or changing. If you choose a Moses basket with no stand, but would still like this option, stands are available to purchase separately.

Some modern Moses Baskets also have an attached hood, which locks into place, further protecting baby from the elements and restricting your babies view of the room, which is helpful for settling to sleep.

Moses baskets are only suitable for babies who are not old enough to sit up unaided and who cannot yet roll or push up onto hands and knees. Many babies will outgrow the Moses basket by approximately 6 months and be ready to move into a cot or crib.

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