Add sophistication to your garden with Moss

Moss adds a sophisticated but classic texture to a range of pictures. From lawns to exposed brick walls, this plant is versatile in many ways. Whether you're looking to dress up your terrarium or dress down your flower pots, moss is a great way to add that finishing touch to your gardening projects. Shop right here on eBay Australia to source a variety of moss species.

For gardening

Try using peat moss, mainly as a soil amendment or ingredient when potting your soil. With high acid pH, this type of moss is ideal for acid loving plants. Add to the mixture when growing your blueberries and camellias. Remember to opt for compost when potting plants that prefer a more alkaline soil.

Pre-grown moss

Buy pre-grown moss here on eBay and add directly to flower beds and pots to add an instant contrast. The rich green colour will bring out and display the shades of your flowers, acting as the perfect backdrop to your feature plants. Bring out those purples, reds and oranges and exemplify their beauty.

Buy pre-grown Mijikai Bonsai Moss to see how this plant can also flower into a mass of small white flowers with enough sunlight.

Moss seeds

Encourage the growth of moss across your garden. Whether you are looking to replace your turf or areas of your garden that are shady or rocky, try using moss. Great for cottage gardens or areas with a more modern feel, this low-maintenance plant is a durable and reliable source of greenery.

Try feeding seeds into cracks in your external brick or stone walls and achieve a cosmo feature wall or around garden statues to add character. Also great for placing around pathways to fill in the gaps and establish a grass-like look.