Motion Pro Motorcycle Throttle and Choke Cables

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Motion Pro Motorcycle Throttle and Choke Cables

While cars shifted to hydraulic and even electronic controls, most motorcycles still rely on cables. Brake, clutch, choke and throttle all rely on cable controls. The biggest advantage of cables is their simplicity, motorcycle throttle cables create a physical linkage between control and carburettor so that moving one moves the other as a unit. Motion Pro throttle and choke cables make great replacements for your original equipment controls.

Throttle Cable Wear

Unlike ropes and cord, cables do not stretch with use and age. However, that does not mean they don't wear out. All cables feature an outer protective sheath and an inner control cable. The inner cable is stronger and harder than the outer sheath and over time it can wear through. Once you expose them to the weather, cables can sometimes corrode or even break.

Throttle Cable Maintenance

One way to ensure your throttle, and for that matter choke, cable lasts is to take proper care of it. The first step is lubrication. Use a proper cable luber to ensure the lubricant covers the entire cable. Avoid WD-40 as it can trap particles inside the sheath. Also make sure all cables run as straight as possible to reduce the amount of wear on the sheath. Whenever possible, fasten them down so that they don't rub on the frame.

Braided vs. Vinyl

Both vinyl Motion Pro motorcycle throttle and choke cables and braided Motion Pro throttle and choke cables are readily interchangeable on most motorcycles. Both work equally well, though braided cables feature a stronger protective sheath and tend to last longer. They also tend to be harder on your finish, so remain aware of that.

Choke Cables

Unlike Motion Pro throttle cables, which often come in pairs with one opening and one closing the throttle, choke cables are singular. Choke cables are easy to change, but be sure you adjust them properly. You don't want to run your motorcycle too rich or too lean.