Motocross Jerseys

Motocross jerseys offer an added layer of protection against the elements, helping to reduce the severity of injuries inflicted during falls and crashes. They come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and styles, and come designed to enhance your riding experience while also ensuring safety. When shopping, keep your budget in mind, as well as your desired features, as many jerseys offer benefits like elbow padding to further protect against motocross accidents.

Jersey Brand

Motocross jerseys are produced by various manufacturers, including Fox, O'Neal, Thor, Shift, Fly, Scott and Moose. These manufacturers have a reputation for high-quality racing gear. Choosing the best brand is ultimately a matter of personal preference, although it is a wise idea to consider your budget when shopping.

Jersey Design

Motocross jerseys come in a wide array of designs. Some jerseys are block colour, while others feature a multitude of colours. Many also bear the brand name of the manufacturer. To help increase your safety, opt for a jersey that is easily visible amongst other riders, as well as one that is properly sized. The jersey should snugly fit over elbow and knee guards in addition to any underlayering.

Jersey Material

Most motocross jerseys are manufactured from nylon, due to the qualities of the material. Nylon is quick-drying and offers riders maximum air flow. When shopping, look for jerseys that feature vents or that are marketed as moisture-wicking. These jerseys help to eliminate sweat from the body, keeping riders cool in the process.

Motocross Pants and Accessories

In addition to a motocross jersey, you will also need to invest in motocross pants. Many motocross riders prefer pants and jerseys that offer a uniform look, so purchasing them together makes sense. You should also invest in elbow and knee guards to protect your joints from injury. Even though many jerseys offer elbow padding, this alone is not adequate protection in the case of serious injury.