Motor Oil

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Just as we need food to fuel our body and nourish it to lead healthy lives, our cars need quality motor oils that fit its engine. You can find them right here on eBay with our wide range of best-selling motor oils. 

Motor engines need oil to keep them lubricated and to perform efficiently. Choose from world renowned brands like Castor, Enviro or from local brands like Mobil. 

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Just like human bodies need regular check-ups to make sure everything internally is functioning well automobiles could need regular health checks also. Explore our best - selling range of brake fluids & cleaners to make sure that the brakes are crisp and sharp, especially for those steep turns. You can also check out our wide stock of top-selling automotive grease & lube such as heavy duty grease, anti-seize coolant and multipurpose greases and lubes to keep your machine running smoothly. 

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or rider with a knowledge of all the best products or a beginner trying to find the best products, eBay Australia is sure to keep you shopping with our best-selling range of motor oils.