Motor Racing Apparel

Motor Racing Apparel

When it comes to motor racing apparel, sometimes you’re the racer and sometimes you’re the fan. For example, if motor racing is one of your favourite hobbies or pastimes, there are streamlined racing shirts and bottoms you can wear on race day. While you can also don a true racing outfit if you’re simply attending the race, there’s gear for fans like T-shirts and caps that help share with the world who your favourite driver or team is. Motor racing apparel makes great gifts for the racing fan and are must-haves for those that participate in the sport.

Gear for Racing

If racing is a hobby or if you’re a semi-pro, you know how important having the right gear can be. Look for streamlined, breathable race suits that help you stay cool and dry under the heaviest of stress on race day. Zippered, tight-fighting jackets and shirts are common while slim-fit tracksuit trousers are a viable choice for bottoms. There are dedicated types of racewear for both men and women, both with different cuts to suit different body shapes.

Ladies’ Apparel

In addition to having racewear for women drivers, there are also clothing lines suited for women that are simply fans of the sport. Look for slim-fit tank tops with your favourite driver or team or loose fitting T-shirts with your favourite driver, car model or team logo. Cropped polo shirts, meant to mimic racewear, are also a popular item for both men and women.

Fan Apparel

If you’re a fan of the sport, there are many types of different fan apparel to wear to a race or if you’re just watching the game at home with family or friends. Look for loose T-shirts that display a favourite driver or car, or even sweatpants or track trousers with the same motifs. Polo shirts with racing stripes or team names are also popular. You can also search for certain brands or types of gear such as Holden motor racing clothing which displays Holden cars and drivers.

Racing Accessories

In addition to tops, jackets and trousers, you may want some other accessories for your race day party. Look for motor racing caps that proudly display a team or driver’s number, insignia or name or true race accessories such as driving gloves or special racing shoes. Accessories help complete your ensemble or look, whether you’re headed to the race or relaxing at home watching the laps.