Motor Racing Equipment and Gear

Whether you’re a fan of motor racing or a driver, there are certainly some must-have items you need for your collection. Your interest may be apparel, so you can showcase your favourite driver, or you may appreciate other memorabilia, such as signed cards and photographs. Shop a whole range of motor racing equipment and gear to find the items you love best.


Just like any other sport, motor racing clothing is an excellent way to show support your favourite driver. Choose from different types of apparel, such as racing shirts or complete outfits. You can also choose from everyday items, such as hats or t-shirts. Button-down shirts are also a popular option, and a great choice for casual events or for attending a race. Outerwear is another choice, as you have options ranging from coats to jackets.


You may also appreicate motor racing memorabilia from your favourite star. Look for everything from posters to globe lights that feature your favourite driver or team. You may also like signed cards, posters and photographs from famous names such as Peter Brock or Travis Postman.

Other Merchandise

There may be other merchandise that sparks your interest over motor racing clothing and memorabilia or perhaps you’d like a bit of everything in your collection. Look for accessories such as watches, jewellery and more to really show the world you’re a fan. Not only are these great for your own collection, they also make great gifts. You can also consider items such as flags and banners, to hang outdoors or indoors, or clocks with your favourite driver or team.

Gear and Equipment

Perhaps you’re a novice or intermediate driver and need some real, professional motor racing gear and equipment. Shop everything from Sprint Car to Speedway equipment to hone your craft. You can also shop by brand, getting pieces, accessories and parts for your auto or bike.