Motorcycle Air Intake & Fuel Delivery Parts

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Types of motorcycle air intake & fuel delivery parts

If you’re building, rebuilding, or repairing your bike, you’re going to need several motorcycle air intake & fuel delivery parts to finish the job. Some of the most important of these parts are air filters, carburettors, and fuel pumps.

Air filters

The air filter is one of the most vital motorcycle air intake & fuel delivery parts of your bike. They serve to capture dust and other particles before the debris can enter your engine. Air filters need to be either cleaned or replaced when they become full, and how often you need to clean or replace will depend on the filter itself. While cotton filters may need a change every six months, others can last a year or longer.


Your motorcycle’s carburettor controls the ratio of air and fuel that enters your engine. While this sounds like a simple job, the carburettor system is actually made of several different motorcycle parts, such as a jet needle and float. When even one of these components isn’t installed correctly, it can cause serious problems for your motorcycle.

Fuel pumps

Motorcycles are like puzzles, and all of the pieces have to fit together perfectly to create the final product. Fuel pumps are just one of these pieces, and their job is just what you’d expect. Fuel pumps are responsible for pumping the fuel from your tank to your engine. It’s important to note that not every motorcycle requires a fuel pump because some are made with the fuel tank above the carburettor, letting gravity do the job of the pump. You should consider your make and model of motorcycle before buying a fuel pump.

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