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If someone says “motorcycle clothing”, most people think “leather”, “biker chic”, “fringe”. Everyone wants to look cool as they cruise around on their new bike but a lot of people don’t stop to consider a really important aspect of motorbike gear: safety.

Why having the right motorcycle clothing is important

In a best case scenario, a motorcycle crash without protective clothing could result in serious friction burn or gravel rash from hitting the asphalt at high speeds. A worst case scenario is puncture wounds, severe muscle damage, multiple fractures or even death. Good quality motorcycle clothing will offer a protective layer between you, the road and anything else you may come in contact with.

Jacket and pants

Properly designed motorcycle jackets and pants will be made of a durable material such as leather or kevlar and be tightly secured at the wrists and ankles to prevent sleeves or pants from rolling up in the event of an accident. These are designed to provide maximum protection to both the limbs and torso.


Other motorcycle clothing includes armour protection which can be as simple as additional padding placed over vulnerable areas of the body such as your vital organs and spine, or as complex as a full body suit similar to those worn by professional motorbike riders.


Another important piece of clothing to consider is motorcycle gloves, which should offer additional padding or reinforcement for your knuckles and palms and some kind of fastening around the wrist. These will not only protect you in an accident but will also act as a buffer against vibrations during a long ride.

From motorcycle boots to a trusty motorcycle jacket, there’s something for everyone on eBay.