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Motorcycle Riding Suits

When riding a motorcycle, it is imperative that you always wear protective gear. Purchasing a high-quality motorcycle riding suit will protect you from further damage in the unfortunate event of a crash. As well as keeping you safer, these suits will keep you warm in cold weather and protect you from wind chill when travelling at faster speeds.


There are dozens of different brands that make motorcycle riding suits, therefore it is important that you find the correct suit for you. Each brand will offer something unique. Whether that is thicker leather on the suit, more insulation or easier access, ensure you know what you want before buying. Brands such as Alpinestars, Dainese, RST, Arlen Ness and Wolf among others provide premium motorcycle suits that offer complete body protection


In terms of customisation, some suits will allow you to remove the sleeves from either the shoulders or the elbows to allow you to use it in warmer weather. Before buying your suit, check to see if it allows this. There are also free-standing jackets available. These are designed for people who already have the lower part of the suit and would like to customise their look with a different branded jacket.

Additional gear

As well as motorcycle riding suits, it is advisable that you wear a helmet and gloves at all times. The helmet is arguably the most important piece of safety equipment for a motorcyclist. It will protect your face and most importantly your brain if you crash or fall off your bike. The gloves will protect your hands from being crushed or completely broken in a crash as well as keeping your hands warm when riding. Ensure that the gloves you are going to buy come with a retention strap so that they stay attached to your suit and body upon impact.