Motorcycle Open Face Helmets

Motorcycle Open Face Helmets

Motorcycle open face helmets are known for their classic vintage style that is typically favoured by scooter riders and cruisers. It has a 3/4 structural coverage for the head, neck and ears, but with no coverage for your face and chin, leaving them exposed to the elements.

What Are the Advantages of a Motorcycle Open Face Helmet?

Open face helmets can be more comfortable for some people, because the helmet isn't sitting tightly on your head. In general, these helmets offer better breathability and visibility. Even better, they are also less expensive and easier to remove when disembarking from the motorcycle. More so, it is particularly appealing to those who are inspired by the romantic idea of feeling the wind on their faces as they travel the open road.

Should You Choose a Motorcycle Open Face Helmet or a Full Face Helmet?

A full face helmet, compared to open face one, is statistically safer, because most riders fall on their chins. Unfortunately, while full face offers better coverage, they also tend to be more expensive with less breathability. Also, because they come with a visor, the helmet may cause some blind spots for the rider. Despite its many cons though, in the event of an accident, full face helmets are better when it comes to protection.

Who Should Not Wear a Motorcycle Open Face Helmet?

If you are a stickler for safety, then the motorcycle open face helmet isn't for you. Those who find wind noise distracting or have to wear glasses may prefer the full face helmet as well. However, if you hate looking like a hot, sticky mess each time you remove your helmet, then the open face helmet may be a consideration.

What Other Motorcycle Accessories Can Be Purchased Alongside the Open Face Helmet?

For those who like the feeling of the wind on their face, but don't like it in their eyes, consider investing in riding goggles. If you find wind noise distracting, on the other hand, you can purchase some ear plugs to dampen the sound. Lastly, invest in some motorcycle jackets and trousers, too, as this will protect your skin from road burn in the event of a nasty fall.