Motorcycle Paddock Stands


Support Your Motorcycle Securely In A Paddock Stand

A paddock stand is a motorcycle enthusiasts’ best friend, particularly if you are someone who enjoys tinkering with your motorcycle at home, doing standard maintenance like cleaning and lubricating the chain, changing the oil filter, or even polishing your motorcycle piece by piece. Using a paddock stand will make all those tasks so much easier, keeping your motorcycle stable and safe while you work. eBay has an excellent range of motorcycle paddock stands for you to choose from.

Why get a motorcycle paddock stand

A paddock stand is an excellent tool for your garage. It's useful for storing your bike and is necessary if you're going to store it properly. Here are some reasons you should invest:

  • Bikes are better stored upright, and side stands can pose a danger to their internal engine components. They're exposed to air, moisture, and other elements that can cause corrosion. A paddock stand makes it easy to set down and remove your bike.
  • A paddock stand will also be useful if you disassemble your motorcycle for maintenance. While you're disassembling your motorcycle, the stand will prevent it from falling and allow you to work on it quickly. Whether dismantling your bike or changing the oil, the paddock stand will be your best friend. 
  • A paddock stand for the front end of your bike uses rubber cones to raise and lower the motorcycle. It's made from hardened steel tubes, is powder-coated, and has twin nylon wheels for ease of use. You can use it to lift to 200kg of motorcycle weight, and it is compatible with most front fork widths. The primary benefit is that it helps you move your bike safely.
  • Another benefit of a paddock stand is that it prevents your motorcycle from leaning while working on it. A paddock stand is also handy for ensuring that the oil is draining from the motorcycle's engine. While side stands do not let the oil drain, a centre stand does. The centre model has a pan for collecting the oil, and most high-end motorcycles don't come with a centre stand.

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