Motorcycle & Scooter Brakes & Brake Parts

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Motorcycle Brakes and Suspension Parts

For Motorcycle enthusiasts, safety is always a top concern. For a safe ride, your bike needs functioning, safe brake and suspension parts. Motorcycle Brakes and Suspension Parts include everything from the springs and bushings to brake pads and disc rotors. It is always important to know what motorcycle brakes and suspension parts you need to keep your bike safe and enjoyable.

Motorcycle Brake Pads

Brake pads are the final point of contact between a driver’s hands and the motorcycle wheel. Motorcycle Brake Pads face extreme heat and friction so they can wear down quickly if not taken care of. Different styles of motorcycle brake pads vary in the material of the pad and the style; some brake pads grip more immediately and firmly while others come with a more linear feel to the brake pressure. The style of riding you do on your motorcycle should help you determine what kind of brake pads to purchase.

Motorcycle Shocks

Motorcycle shocks also face extreme amounts of heat and friction, so it is extremely important to maintain them. Motorcycle Shocks are often adjustable to change depending on your riding style but many shock brands come with different approaches to suspension; some geared more towards racing while others towards comfort on long journeys. Different motorcycle shocks can also be a personalising item, as the exposed mechanism can be painted different colours to mix and match with the rest of your motorcycle.

Other Motorcycle Brakes and Suspension Parts

While Motorcycle brake pads and shocks are a necessary step to ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride, other parts are worth looking at, too. Different disc brakes can change the style and efficiency of braking, too, and can be paired to new brake pads for revamped stopping power. Brake lines are important for getting fluid to hydraulic braking systems. New suspension forks and tubes can be another point of customisation or may change your bike’s riding style.