Motorcycle & Scooter Engine Radiators

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Motorcycle Radiators

The purpose of a motorcycle radiator is to pump liquid coolant through channels in the motorcycle engine and cylinder heads. This transfers heat away from the engine, keeping it from overheating prematurely, and allowing it to operate for long hours. Often this coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze, but in some climates may simply consist of water, or have an additive which prevents corrosion in the radiator and engine.

Motorcycle Radiator Brands

Many popular motorcycle parts manufacturers produce motorcycle radiators. For example, motorcycle manufacturer brands which offer radiators include Suzuki, BMW, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Other popular brands, especially for aftermarket motorcycle radiators and motorcycle radiator parts, include Fluidyne, UFO Plastics, Magnum, Moose Racing, Athena and Devol.

Motorcycle Radiator Function

Motorbike radiators feature closed systems. One of the most critical is the channels cast into the motorcycle engine block and cylinder heads, which surround the chambers in which the combustion actually takes place. The radiator typically contains a thermostat, centrifugal water pump, enclosed fan, and several tubes and pipes. These pipes connect to and from the channels in the engine (and sometimes other elements like the power steering), and continuously pump the liquid coolant through the engine and back to the radiator's cooling fans.

Motorcycle Radiator Care

Monitoring coolant levels is by far one of the most significant aspects of radiator care, and low levels of coolant should be restored. A motorbike radiator has small fins within the fan and sometimes along the tube structures which also need intermittent cleaning to keep the radiator in prime condition.

Motorcycle Radiator Parts and Accessories

Motorcycle radiators are generally far simpler in construction and utility than automobile radiators, and generally come with a few separate parts or accessories. These include motorcycle radiator guards and water pumps. In some cases, it can be more cost effective to replace a malfunctioning radiator than to replace a single part or accessory.