Motorcycle & Scooter Fuel Filters

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Motorcycle Fuel Filters

A motorbike fuel filter is an important component that ensures smooth operation of your vehicle. However, most people tend to overlook this and end up with a dirty and clogged engine. The main function of a fuel filter is to screen out debris, dirt particles and tank rust due to moisture. Sometimes even the small paint chips from the motorcycle can get into the fuel when fuelling at the gas station. Contaminants can severely affect the fuel injection system, the fuel pump and block the fuel from getting into the engine. Having a clogged fuel filter also prevents the valves from fitting properly.

What Are the Types of Motorcycle Fuel Filters?

Generally, there are two types of motorcycle fuel filter:

  • Inline fuel filters: it is underneath the motorbike in the fuel line.
  • Integral fuel filters: This is inside the carburettor where the fuel comes in.

How Can I Clean a Rusty Fuel Tank and Filter?

  • Cleaning the fuel tank: If you realize that your fuel tank is rusty or has dirt and impurities, clamp the fuel hose using hose clamps and then take off the tank, put a mixture vinegar and water with a couple bolts and nuts, swish the tank around for the bolts and nuts to scrape all the surfaces of the tank, you can do this for about an hour, when done, put an inline fuel filter in it and reinstall it.
  • Cleaning the fuel filter: To clean a fuel filter, spray the filter on both sides with a filter cleaner or carburettor cleaner after which you tap it against a hard place to knock the debris loose. You can do this until you're satisfied that the fuel filter is in a good shape. Then let the filter to dry for an hour or so and reinstall it. If you spot any cracks or perforations on the filter, then it's advisable to replace it with new motorcycle parts. The bottom-line is to clean the fuel filters at regular intervals as per the manufacturer's maintenance schedule that appears in the owner's manual. Remember a clean filter means reduced wear and therefore an extended life of your motorcycle.