Motorcycle & Scooter Handlebar Grips, Covers & Pads


Get A More Comfortable Grip On Your Bike With Motorbike Grips

When you spend hours at a time with your hands gripping the handlebars of your dream motorcycle, you will soon come to understand the importance of having comfortable, quality grips. Old or damaged handlebar grips can seriously affect the way you ride and potentially cause rider fatigue. Having the right grips can provide you with more control and stability on the bike. So, if you find your grips are loose or damaged in any way, eBay has a quick and inexpensive way of correcting your issue with an excellent range of grips for you to choose from.

Motorcycle grip buying guide

Buying the right motorcycle grips is essential for riders who want a comfortable journey and whether it’s road motorcycle grips or off-road motorcycle grips, there are a few things you should consider.

· The dimensions of your motorcycle are crucial to finding the perfect fit. Usually, the left and throttle sides are seven-eighths of an inch apart. To make your choice easier, you should also consider the size of your hands. 

· A wide range of motorcycle grips are available, and you'll probably need a few pairs for your bike, so you have some spare. The average length of motorcycle grips is about two inches, and they can be easily cut to fit your handlebars. However, make sure the grips are not too wide or short for a snug fit. A narrower diameter will help keep your hand in a more comfortable position.

· Based on the size of your bike and your budget, you can choose between leather, thermoplastic, and foam. In addition, you can choose whether to buy a high-quality pair or a cheaper one. Also, remember that not all motorcycle grips are the same size. For example, you may need smaller grips with 7/8 inch handlebars or larger grips for motorcycles with larger bars.

· You should also consider the design of the motorcycle grips. The most expensive ones will be bulky and uncomfortable, but they are made of soft rubber that can provide excellent comfort. The shape of your bike's handlebars will also dictate the type of motorcycle grips you choose. 

You will find an excellent variety of motorbike grips online at eBay from both local and international sellers. You can shop by brand grips like Pro Grip, Puig, and Renthal or you can look for unbranded universal grips. If you have more than one motorbike, be sure to buy an extra set. Check all terms and conditions of sale before finalising your purchase.