Motorcycle & Scooter Instrument Clusters

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Motorcycle Instrument Clusters

Whether you need a replacement to fix a failed part or you simply want to upgrade your panels a bit, there are many different types of motorcycle instrument clusters for many different brands of motorcycles. As each motorcycle is different, you have the ability to choose from km/h motorcylce instrucment clusters, MPH clusters or instrument panels that measure RPM. Look for both aftermarket and OEM parts to upgrade your dash.

Km/h Clusters

A km/h cluster or gauge lets you know how fast you are going in kilometres. Depending on your brand of bike, this may be the stock option for your motorcycle and it’s best to replace with a similar system. There are few different choices when it comes to km/h clusters. You can drop in an original (OEM) part, look for NOS parts or you can choose an aftermarket part that may upgrade your display. For example, digital speedometers and tachometers and very common.

MPH Instruments

If your car is an American import, most likely it uses MPH (miles per hour) as opposed to kilometres per hour. Because of this, you should opt for an MPH cluster as opposed to a km/h one. Similarly to km/h clusters, RPM motorcylce instrument clusters may be available as OEM, NOS or aftermarket. The aftermarket parts may be an upgrade, with digital options that are easier to use and see while you’re driving.

RPM Panels

Motorcycles also have a panel that shows revolutions per minute of the motor, or RPM. This is an important calculation to make, so you always know when to properly shift. If this cluster fails, it should be replaced with the same or similar part. Just as with miles or kilometres per hour, you can also upgrade this cluster into a digital format with an aftermarket part.


Shopping by brand is a good idea, particularly if you’re replacing an instrument cluster with the same part. Look for OEM and NOS parts that match your make and model, with brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Yamaha and more.