Motorcycle & Scooter Rear & Brake Light Assemblies

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Motorcycle Rear Brake Light Assemblies

Staying safe on the road when riding a motorbike starts with polite driving style and following the rules. However, you should also pay attention to such simple things as brake lights that note the other drivers that you are about to stop. The lights also increase the visibility of your bike. The brake lights are usually part of the tail light units. Learn more about the rear brake lights to upgrade yours.

Legal Considerations for Motorcycle Brake Lights

Customarily, the motorcycle headlight assemblies at the front of the bike illuminate the road ahead and make the rider visible to other drivers. The headlights emit yellow or white light. The rear lights on vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, are typically red. It is even a legal regulation that they need to be red. This way, other drivers can figure out where the front and the rear of the motorcycle are. In the dark, this is crucial to know.

Motorcycle Rear Brake Light Bulbs

By replacing the standard rear brake lights on the motorcycle, you can upgrade your bike. Upgrading usually means opting for a brighter beam, but you could also choose a bulb that is more durable and thus saves you money in long term. Halogen and LED lights for headlights are much brighter than the standard ones. Xenon HID are not legal for road use.

Motorcycle Rear Brake Light Designs

The brake light designs are quite different, so there is one for everyone. The light designs could be simple and classic or modern twin brake lights with cat-eyes. Square, round, oval - the shape of the brake light is yours to choose. Some brake lights also include added brackets. Instead of simple red lights, you could also opt for lights that make your actions on the road clear as water: some brake lights display 'STOP' when you press on the brakes.

Other Motorcycle Lights

At the rear of the motorcycle, there are some other lights as well in addition to the brake lights. Turn signals are compulsory because of safety reasons, but there are other lights too to consider. Accessory lights are optional and some bike owners install them because of their stylish appearance. Before purchasing any accessory lights, make sure they are road legal. Too bright lights could blind other drivers and cause accidents.