Motorcycle & Scooter Seats

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Stylish and comfortable motorcycle seats

If youre building your own custom motorcycle from scratch, youll need to purchase a seat. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of styles, fabrics and brands. Whether its Suzuki, Honda, or Yamaha, you will be able to find the right seat for you.

Passenger pillion rear seat

It can be a lot of fun taking a passenger along for one of your rides, but finding the right pillion seat for your bike isnt always easy. It can be frustrating for bikers who value a particular brands craftsmanship when they have to substitute a seat from a different manufacturer because they just cant find the genuine part they were looking for. eBay sells a range of different genuine pillion seats, so browsing the site may lead you straight to the part that you want.

Complete seat with cover

Purchasing the right motorcycle seat cover for you and your bike is a great way to make your motorcycle more unique. On eBay, you can purchase seats for almost any bike. This includes seat covers from brands such as Suzuki, Harley Davidson and more. When purchasing a complete seat set with a protective cover, youll be getting a product thats easy to fit and will last a long time. These seats come with everything you need to install them quickly and efficiently.

Motorcycle seat gel pad cushions

Long rides on the Australian highway can get a little sore. This product is perfect for any biker who is forever riding around and could do with some added protection for their backside. Designed to reduce pain in the tail-bone and sit-bone, these seat cushions will keep you comfortable when you most need it. The narrow front of these gel pad seat covers has been designed to eliminate chafing on the inner thigh, allowing you to maintain control of your motorcycle.