Motorcycle Trousers & Chaps

Motocross Pants Provide Essential Protection

Purchasing the right motocross pants to provide you with the best in quality and protection is an integral part of the motocross experience. On eBay, you can get your hands on a pair of pants from some of the best motocross brands around.

Vented Fox motocross pants

Made from multi-layer mesh polyester fabric and created with a built-in flex knee system and knee vents, you can make the most out of your motocross experience with vented pants, available from Fox. If you are looking for a pair of high-quality motocross pants that offer functionality, protection, and style, Fox offers it all.

The built-in ventilation in Fox motocross pants will help with those hot Australian summer days. The heat-resistant leather inside of the knee will protect your legs from the heat of the engine when youre in a race.

Mix and match Fox dirt bike pants

With new a mix and match styled pair of dirt bike pants, you can get multiple different looks from just one pair. Here on eBay, you can also mix and match motocross and offroad gear with added protection and comfort and a pre-curved shape that fits snugly to your legs. Thor pants are double and triple stitched, providing extra protection and ensuring that the pants are durable.

Compression padded Fox motocross pants

Compression padded pants have the potential to take your motocross experience to the next level. For example, the sleekly designed motocross pants from Troy Lee Designs have been constructed using premium Lycra four-way stretch antimicrobial material, which provides moisture wicking and compression.

Compression padded pants utilise shock doctor technology. They have a wraparound external supporter for extra support and comfort. They also have an integrated crotch chamois pad which has been sized specifically for motorcycle seats.

With eBay, you can shop for all your biking needs, from motorcycle boots to a motorcycle jacket, there’s something for everyone.