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Motorola Smart Watches

Motorola was one of the first to embrace the smart watch trend with the launch of the original Moto 360. Now, a few iterations later, it still leads the way to innovative smart watch design. As one of the first smart watch manufacturers to use Android Wear, they have evolved these devices while taking in customer feedback to heart.

1st Gen

The first 4 GB Motorola smart watches were the first generation Moto 360 watches. The internal storage was enough for app installations and the Android Wear OS as well as plenty of downloadable watch faces available from the store. It is also one of the first Motorola leather band smart watches that launched in 2014.

Steel Bands

The first Motorola smart watches to launch with a steel band out of the box is the Moto 360 2nd gen. It has 4 GB of internal storage like its predecessor and also packed in 512 MB of RAM. More notable than the specs is its all-steel construction as opposed to the replaceable rubber or metal wrist bands used in the original Moto 360. Back at its launch, the 1st gen Moto 360 did not originally come with durable steel bands, so it was up to third-party manufacturers to cater to the needs of those who wanted a sturdier band to support their smart watch.

Wireless Charging

Instead of plugging into the wall, the Moto 360 shipped with a wireless charging dock for easy recharging. Battery life lasted a full day, so you only have to take it off to charge while you sleep. The discreet charging contacts are set under the watch face.

Other Iterations

The Moto 360 has evolved to suit the many lifestyles of its users. The Moto 360 Sport is great for those with active lifestyles. Its strong silicone construction affords excellent shock absorption while the side vents cool your skin. This sporty smart watch is also able to sync with your Google Play Music account to wirelessly stream your preferred songs through Bluetooth.