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Motorola is a well-known brand in the mobile communications industry. Being the first brand to produce a handheld mobile phone, Motorola is mostly recognised for its pioneering spirit when it comes to creating quality mobile devices.

Today, their mobile phones run on the Android operating system, and they also create products for the home such as baby monitors and Bluetooth headsets.

Motorola mobile phones

Mobile Phones are where it all started for Motorola as they produced the first handheld mobile phone. Motorolas current smartphones run on Android and stand up strong against other mobile phone competitors. With a huge selection of smartphones and a back catalogue of iconic Motorola mobile phones, there is something new and practical or something collectable and nostalgic.

Motorola baby monitors

Motorola produces baby monitors that are simple and effective to keep an eye on your little ones. Their connected baby monitors have high definition Wi-Fi cameras so you can see your baby from a compatible smartphone, tablet or computer. Alternatively, they have high-quality video and audio baby monitors, so you can keep a close eye on your little one at home.

The range of Moto baby monitors range from simple audio options to interconnected security devices, so theres plenty of options available.

2-way radios

Motorolas influence stretches across all communications and they have produced many 2-way radio systems or walkie-talkie sets. They have perfected their designs and technology allowing for constant communication across impressive distances with great clarity. Motorola radio sets are great for those working in security or events or just for the kids to play with.

Motorola accessories

Motorola offers a huge selection of accessories to pair with your devices. Their wireless headphones and Bluetooth headsets are functional and work with you in mind. You can take calls, listen to music, work and play with these practical accessories that work alongside your mobile device.

As well as headsets and headphones, Motorola offers a range of cases to protect and secure your Motorola phone.