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Mountain Buggy Prams & Strollers

Mountain Buggy Prams and Strollers

Mountain Buggy began back in 1992 with a fathers dream to take his baby onto mountain trails in New Zealand. Technology and design evolve over time, but the basics of the original Mountain Buggy stroller stayed the same. The all-terrain platform copes well both in nature and on city streets. The Mountain Buggy prams and strollers combine craftsmanship with safety, delivering highly capable accessories for young parents.

Mountain Buggy Strollers

Mountain Buggy features several different collections to cater for all needs. If you have twins or two children with similar height, you need one of the Mountain Buggy double prams and strollers, such as the compact side-by-side duet. This model is also available as a single, allowing you to attach your shopping bag for smart storage. If you plan to conquer city streets, choose the ultra-light MB Mini, Compact Swift, or Light Nano. Enjoy flexibility of changing the seating positions with the urban jungle or devour yourself and your children with a cosmopolitan or urban jungle from special luxury collections.

Mountain Buggy Prams

Mountain Buggy does not really manufacture prams. More specifically, they produce carrycots that can transform your buggy into a bassinet-style pram. The platform is still the heart of your ride, and you get its benefits, such as ability to ride on terrain. The carrycots have custom designs and fit certain buggy models, so double check the compatibility.


The company makes a lot of effort to ensure best quality. All the prams and strollers have undergone irregular surface tests, proven their durability and strength while ascending the stairs or surviving curb mounts. In addition, the tests include transport simulator and extreme temperatures, while the tyres have been tested for wear and tear.

Accessory Compatibility

Now that you have the model you want, consider upgrading it with various Mountain Buggy pram and stroller accessories. You simply need to know which accessory fits which buggy or carrycot. Luckily, the company provides many charts not only for detecting the compatibility of accessories, but also for travel system and carrycot compatibility. You can also find designated charts for parts compatibility.