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If you love versatility, you'll love the flexible range of prams offered by Mountain Buggy! The legacy began in 1992, with a father's need to create a buggy with all terrain agility; to enable him to enjoy the New Zealand mountain trails with his baby! Mountain Buggy is based on precision engineering and crafted the foundations of Mountain Buggy's legendary all-terrain platform. The design and technology of Mountain Buggy's platform has evolved over the years to a deliberate design aesthetic influenced by clean lines and functional style. With Mountain Buggy, parents can live life without limit, caring for their newborn and toddler in mountain trails to city streets. eBay delivers the quality and potential that Mountain Buggy offers straight to your door! So come and engage the potential, with eBay. 

Got babies that stop you from going places? Then grab a Mountain Buggy pram! On and off road performance vehicles that will keep your baby safe, the effort minimal and the benefits maximal! With single and double prams, you can choose from a variety of mountain buggy prams, strollers and accessories, pram & stroller parts and accessories. eBay has a huge selection to get you and your baby where you want whenever you want to. 

Mountain Buggy has a variety of other baby equipment that may be perfect for your needs. Check out eBay's search bar for Mountain Buggy car seats, baby carriers, pod high chairs and baby cots. There are even a fun collection of items like the free rider scooter for your child or the uni-rider wheelbarrow. 

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