Mouse Pads and Wrist Rests

Mouse pads and wrist rests come as one combo unit and as separate products, depending upon your particular desires. There are many pros and cons for each design. Those that use a standard mouse and don't need a large area to move it around, a combo unit is the best choice. It gives you a comfortable support for your wrist while still letting you move your cursor around the screen.

Mouse Pad Only

Mouse pads come in a wide assortment of sizes, so there should be no trouble finding one that fits the available space on your desk. You can get a plain, solid colour one, or add a bit of wow to your computer area with a bold, funky designed pad. It's your space, add things that make you smile when using them. You can even find a mouse pad featuring your favourite tv or movie characters. A non-skid base ensures your pad stays where you put it.

Wrist Rest Only

In the world of changing technology, not all mice require a pad to make use easier. That doesn't mean there isn't a wrist rest out there for you. Purchase a wrist rest only, and set it behind your mouse for support while working or playing on the computer.

Plug and Charge

Again, in the world of changing technology, you would expect your mouse pad to keep up. USB mouse pads and wrist rests let you plug in and keep on working.

Gamer Strong

Gamers require a special type of mouse pad. A gaming mouse pad or wrist rest is typically larger, giving you more room to move the players around in the game. The surface should be optimised for speed and control, so you play your best at all times.