Get an Extra Hit of Freshness with Mouthwash

There are many benefits to a good oral care routine – from cleaner, brighter teeth to fresher breath. But sometimes you need a little extra assistance to get your mouth feeling really clean. Mouthwash can help with this, supplementing your daily dental care routine and making your mouth feel minty fresh.

Keep your mouth clean

As the name suggests, mouthwash is designed to flush out the mouth area. This helps prevent food particles getting stuck in between your teeth. It also washes away remnants of your daily food and drink intake.

Unlike an electric toothbrush or dental floss, which focus on specific parts of the mouth, mouthwash cleans the whole area. And, as a liquid, mouthwash can be swished around the mouth to make sure every surface is covered. This action can also help dislodge the build up that brushing and flossing cannot reach.

As a result, mouthwash can work with your daily dental care routine to make your whole mouth feel cleaner.

Freshen your breath

Certain foods and drinks, like onions and coffee, can affect the smell of your breath. If you interact closely with people throughout your day, this can be a real concern. However, you do not need to cut these ingredients out of your diet.

Using mouthwash after taking in these foods and drinks can help flush traces of these ingredients from your mouth. Some products also include flavours and oils that are specifically designed to leave a fresh scent on your breath. If your breath is a real concern for you, you may also be interested in using breath fresheners.

Choosing a mouthwash

Different mouthwashes are designed to provide different benefits. As such, when picking a mouthwash, you should look for one that matches your specific needs. For example, if you have a dry mouth, look for a product that has been formulated to address that issue.

Mouthwashes also come in a variety of flavours. To make using the product more pleasant, try to find one with a flavour you enjoy.