Movie camera accessories

Whether you're a professional movie maker or just want to improve your home videos, then movie camera accessories can help you achieve the perfect shots and enhance your footage. From high tech attachments to simple lens cleaners or protectors, there is a huge range of accessories to help you make your movie.


Extend your shooting time with a host of spare batteries or replace those that have served you well but are on their way out. You'll be able to find batteries for just about any model of camera, so it's worth looking around. Branded batteries are usually a safe bet, as you know they were designed to go with your particular camera.

If you're going for a cheaper alternative, with unbranded or generic movie camera batteries, be sure they're compatible with your model as an incorrect battery can damage your goods.

Rig cages

Rig cages are the essential starting point for what will become your ultimate filming set up. Encompassing your camera, they have a number of female screw threads to attach all sorts of extra accessories, such as external mics, extra light sources and flashes or an extra viewing screen. These are rarely too exy and can make shooting movies easier and improve the actual footage. Some rig cages can be used for a number of different cameras, but others are better suited to specific brands like Canon.

Many cages help keep the lens steady, whilst also protecting it from damage.

Cold shoe adapter

Cold shoe adapters are simple mounts that hold your camera in place. They're sturdy and will reduce any wobbling or shaking, letting you achieve that perfect shot. Not to be confused with hot shoes, which have active electronics to control features like flash.


External grips allow you to hold onto your camera (which by now will be overloaded with amazing accessories) as comfortably as possible, whilst reducing any shaking. Ergonomic camera grips can be made out of plastic, wood or a number of other materials. These are essential pieces of kit, as you will no doubt know that those holding the cameras when filming those blockbusters are referred to as "grips".