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Moving Blankets & Moving Pads

Moving Blankets and Moving Pads

One of the hardest parts of moving is getting all of your precious belongings on a moving truck. While some things fit neatly into boxes and bins, other pieces, such as heavy furniture, need to be secured and padded down, so that they don’t get unsightly marks or scratches. Moving blankets and moving pads help put a space in between items you value and the walls of the trucks. Choose from blankets and pads and other moving accessories to make sure everything you own arrives perfectly and in one piece.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets almost look like horse blankets; they are very thick, nondescript blankets that you place around or over your furniture. Often, you’ll secure them with hooks or straps, but some pieces can simply be placed right on top. These blankets usually have an insert slot in which to place a moving pad. However, you can use them with or without the pad. They also typically have a burlap construction for durability.

Moving Pads

Moving pads often fit inside of moving blankets to provide extra protection through a little inset in the blanket. However, if space is tight, you can place these insert pads between two pieces so as not to cause scratching or friction. Either made of foam or burlap, these pads help protect your larger pieces of furniture.

Wrap and Peanuts

In lieu of moving blankets and pads, you may want to use bubble cushioning wrap around your heavier items. Instead of using a blanket, simply wrap the cushioning around the furniture or large item to protect it while in transit. For smaller items, you may want to invest in packing peanuts. These can go directly into moving boxes and can help protect your small, fragile items.

Other Accessories

If there is space in your moving truck and furniture can move around, you may want to invest in straps to help secure the furniture as you move. Place straps around larger items after you’ve placed a blanket, pad or wrap around it. This ensures that furniture doesn’t move around. Do not apply the straps first, as that can cause scratches or marks.

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