Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai shorts and Thai boxing equipment

Muay Thai is otherwise known as Thai boxing, it is a sport of combat which uses the entire body as a weapon. It was developed several hundred years ago and incorporates different techniques such as striking and clinching, requiring a variety of physical and mental capabilities, using intense discipline and body strength.

What types of shorts are available?

Due to the diverse range of positions that you have to contort and extend your body into, the comfort and flexibility that your Muay Thai shorts allow you to have, can increase your performance and agility levels. With shorts available in a range of colours, and an assortment of sizes, for everything from XXS to XXXL.

You can also find different brands of shorts, whether Venum, Twins or Tuff, which have all had extensive experience working with Thai fighters across different levels. With different styles of shorts catering to different fighters preferences, for instance Venum shorts are typically made from polyester with hand sewn embroidery, some shorts have vent allowing circulation and wide leg allowing for full range of motion. Whilst Twins offer a range of multi colour shorts predominantly made from satin material and can be used for other martial arts, such as Taekwondo or MMA. Tuff offer a range of shorts made of micro fiber, light weight, sweat free and in unique patterns and designs.

Where can I find Thai boxing equipment?

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