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Camping Mugs

Dont let a camping trip get in the way of your morning coffee; with a camping mug you wont have to miss out on putting the kettle on and having your morning cuppa. Theres a huge choice of sizes, designs and materials available, thermal mugs, and mugs with or without lids. Whatever your preference youre bound to find just the right camping mug for you.

Benefits of camping mugs

The primary benefit of a camping mug is that it allows you to enjoy hot drinks when youre away from home. There are many other benefits too. A thermal mug keeps your drink hot while youre making brekky or fixing up the barbie. Lets face it, when you go back to basics and camp out, there are some home comforts you just shouldnt be without.

If youre going out on a hike, camping mugs are useful for drinking something hot, and can also be used to eat soup. This is especially useful if youre somewhere chilly and want to keep warm. Just remember to wash the mug thoroughly afterwards or youll have soup-flavoured coffee next time.

Type of camping mug

Thermal mugs are great for keeping things warm, and they come in many varieties. Tall, thin cups will fit into most cup holders, in the car for example. If you prefer a traditional format then go for a camping mug with a handle. These are easy to hold and come with or without lids, depending on how ‘on the go youll be when camping.

Save space with a collapsible camping mug, or go back to basics with a military-style stainless steel mug. These no-fuss drinking vessels arent thermally insulated but theyre super easy to keep clean, are lightweight and clip onto backpacks with ease. Plus, you can heat water in the stainless-steel mug directly over the camping stove.

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