Multipurpose Craft Supplies

Crafting is a way to express your creativity as well as create handmade items at home. To do so, there is a variety of supplies to select from, each with its own purpose and function. They not only serve to embellish your handmade items, but also to enhance your crafting experience by making it simpler to put supplies together in a more cohesive way. 

What Are Some Different Craft Supplies?

When you're preparing to craft, stocking up on the essentials is recommended. One of the most useful tools to use for many applications is a glue gun, which you can use to adhere items to most surfaces, though if you're crafting with kids, double-sided tape is more appropriate. A punch tool is a hole puncher with flair, as it can create holes of various sizes and shapes. Additionally, items like crystals and rhinestones, feathers, ribbons and washi tape liven up all types of crafts. 

What Are Some Marker and Pen Types?

Markers and pens come in numerous types and styles, depending on the effect you wish to achieve. Gel pens write smoothly and come in many colours, including metallic and glitter shades. Paint markers are permanent and allow you more control than a traditional paint brush does and come in multiple colours and finishes. Washable markers are recommended for children, as they're safe for use and wash off skin and clothes with ease.