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Munchkin Nappy Disposal

When it comes to our children, we all want the best for them and baby supplies that make our lives easier in the process are always welcomed. Munchkin develops innovative products for both babies and parents to enjoy, taking into consideration all the little things that actually matter. They are currently receiving more than one patent each month, highlighting their success in producing useful products, like their nappy disposal.

Disposing Of Nappies

No-one likes the odour of a dirty nappy taking over their home, which is why the innovative Munchkin nappy disposal is the perfect solution. You only need one hand to twist it open and lock it closed again, leaving the other hand free to dispose of the nappy in the process. It uses natural baking soda to not just mask the smell, but neutralise it, unlike other unbranded nappy disposals on the market.

Nappy Bags

You can refill your Munchkin nappy disposal with their lavender-scented nappy bags that work with the baking soda to ensure the smell disappears as quickly as possible. One 20 pack of bags will see you through 600 nappy changes, with no cutting or tying necessary. You can use it one-handed and simply seal it and toss it in, leaving your other hand free to look after your wriggly baby.

Clear The Room

One of the great baby supplies you can get to work with your Munchkin nappy disposal is their Arm & Hammer™ Fresheners with Brackets. Even after you get rid of the offending nappy, there is often a smell that is left lingering in the air. These small deodorising discs can be stuck to the wall with reusable wall brackets, using baking soda to neutralise the smells and freshen up your space. You can buy multiple to go up in your baby’s room, bathroom and more, so you get instant freshness.

Busy Life

Life with a baby is busy, and nappy changes are hard enough when you have a little one squirming on the change table. These nappy disposals will save you the trouble of tossing the dirty nappy out into the hallway and then forgetting about it until the smell creeps up on you so you can get on with more important things in your day.