Murad is the leader in science-based anti-ageing skincare that will help you prevent the signs of aging with a range of treatments, moisturisers and products 

Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, is a leading visionary in skincare scientific innovations. As a board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist and the driving force behind the skincare brand Murad, Dr. Murad has personally helped over 50,000 patients.The products offered by Murad are the doctor's way of sharing his groundbreaking skincare formulas, which achieve significant, measurable anti-aging results without surgery.

With the use of various Murad Anti-Ageing Products, a water-rich diet and stress management you can have beautiful, youthful and above all healthy skin without the need for any kind of cosmetic surgery. The Revitalixir Recovery Serum for face and eyes for example, visibly reduces stress-induced dullness, dehydration, wrinkles, under-eye dark circles and puffiness while renewing vibrancy over time. 

Hydrate, protect and smooth fine lines with Murad Eye Treatments which help protect the eye area from raging with natural ingredients like Shorea Stenoptera Butter and Avocado Oil which create smoother skin.These treatments can help reduce puffiness while supporting skin renewal and softening fine lines and dark circles. Look good and in turn, feel good! 

Look good and feel good with the help of Murad products that can slow down the ageing process while giving you a healthy glow! These fast-acting treatments can help to fade dark spots, age spots, and freckles thus, evening out the skin tone for a clearer, brighter complexion while helping prevent future pigment formation! Achieve the look and skin you want with the extensive beauty range from Murad today.