Shred in style with Music Man guitars

For uncompromising sound quality and performance, go for an Ernie Ball Music Man. This renowned guitar brand is used by countless famous musicians, not least John Petrucci of Dream Theater, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, and Bruno Mars.

The company brings some of the most unique, innovatively designed guitars on the market, which produce an amazingly rich sound, whether you require an electric guitar, bass guitar, or acoustic. Aside from guitars, Ernie Ball Music Man also has a wide range of guitar-related accessories, such as strings and guitar amplifiers.

With a wide range of designs, colour schemes and models to choose from, including vintage designs or modern styles, you really can't go wrong when you select a Music Man guitar. One thing's for certain, your instrument will have been crafted by experts who take pride in their work. From the wax finished neck and robust guitar body, to the string and locking tuners and everything in between, quality radiates from every Music Man instrument.

Just some of the popular colours available include Black, Sunburst, Marrone, Purple Sunset Flame, and Vintage Sunburst.

Electric guitars

Music Man electric guitars come in a variety of styles and colours. These range from the more basic designs to flamboyant, rock-ready examples. Some of the popular models include Silhouette Special, Albert Lee, Axis Super Sport, Cutlass, and JP12. Each guitar includes all the standard design features you would expect, such as a tremolo, single coil or humbucker pickup, maple neck, and other additions. Music Man bass guitars are also available, made with the same quality craftsmanship.

Accessories and extras

Aside from guitars, Ernie Ball Music Man also provides a number of accessories, including guitar amplifiers, guitar to amplifier cables, capos, and strings in a variety of gauges, which are highly popular with both amateur and professional players alike.