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Whether you’re looking for some smooth jazz to play in the background after a long day at the office, some high-intensity tunes to get you amped up for a night out or exercise session or the hottest hits topping the charts, eBay has new music releases and iconic classics from just about every genre you can think of.  Want to go back to the way it was before all of these fancy pants streaming services? Let eBay help. With a massive collection of old and new music CDs, you won’t need to rely on an internet connection to access your favourite tracks. You can buy old school music cassettes if you want, too. You can even pick up some blanks and make mix tapes for your crush. Just make sure to properly overanalyse the order of and meaning behind every single song you include, as per tradition. Perhaps you’re a child of the 60s or 70s. Or maybe you’re a newcomer to the world of turntables. Whatever the case may be, you can buy new and used vinyl records to boost your collection. Pick up legendary classics or new releases from more contemporary artists, and get ready to drop the needle and play the hits. While you’re there, grab plastic record sleeves and cleaning brushes to keep the good times spinning. You can also turn to eBay when you want to buy music memorabilia online. Proudly support your favourite artists with t shirts, photos and posters and autographed items from eras spanning back decades.  There’s a line in the 1995 cult classic film Empire Records in which a character named Lucas describes music as “the glue of the world.” While that might not technically be the case, there’s no arguing that tunes play a huge role in the everyday lives of millions. Buy new music online from eBay today and make sure you have the right stuff for whatever mood you find yourself in.