Mylar Food Storage Bags

Stay fresh with Mylar bags

Practical and versatile, food grade quality aluminium Mylar bags are available in a variety of styles and sizes to keep your food fresh for longer. On eBay, youll find a bonza selection for all of your food storage needs.

Pick your perfect Mylar bags

These vacuum sealing bags from Mylar are available in standard silver, gold and metallic green or orange foil colours. The lightweight pouches have an aluminium foil back and clear front so that you can easily identify the contents. The water-resistant Mylar bags feature an interlocking zip lock that allows you to open and seal the bags over and over again. Use a Mylar bag to store dried foods like pasta, pulses and rice, or for storing healthy snacks to eat throughout the day. These versatile bags can act as oxygen absorbers and can also be used for packing craft materials and other small objects.

Square bottomed, 3mm thick Mylar bags are a ripper choice for long-term storage of food items. Clear front aluminium foil Mylar bags have a sturdy construction that allows them to stand up in the cupboard or pantry. Larger sealing bags from Mylar can store up to a gallon and keep the contents fresh for a long time.

Must have Mylar

Strong silver aluminium Mylar bags that are heat-sealed feature a tear notch for easy opening. The bags are suitable for storing food, tea, coffee and herbs in the kitchen, and a wide range of other items around the house. The high-quality Mylar bags are securely sealed with a vacuum heat sealer. The one-size bags are available in 100pc, 200pc and 300pc packs.

Colour coded bags from Mylar are available in a wide selection of funky colours. The colourful lightweight zip lock sealer pouches are supplied in a range of sizes, in 10pc, 50pc and 100pc packs. Metallic finish Mylar bags are an alternative option for easily identifying the type of food and items stored inside the stay-fresh pouches. A quirky Mylar bag will provide the perfect food storage solution and also look great.