NAD electronics to complete any home system

If youre seeking modern, high-tech amplification devices and hi-fi equipment, look no further than NAD. NAD (New Acoustic Dimension) Electronics are a supplier of specialist high fidelity audio devices and home theatre systems. The firm, which was founded in London, England in 1972, has a top-notch product range, suitable for professionals and dedicated amateurs alike who require the best possible performance from audio and video.

NAD Electronics

NAD Electronics is renowned for their amplifier range, which provides a number of industry-leading amplifiers for a variety of purposes. This includes hybrid digital, stereo power, and DAC amplifiers. Each model has a high-quality construction, combining excellent functionality with innovative, stylish design features. The company continues to innovate and refresh its product line with exciting, new audio and video units, keeping ahead of the curve and delivering the quality that NAD audio amplifiers have become known for.

NAD Masters Series

NADs Masters Series is the flagship product range, providing the utmost in design and functionality, along with highly advanced amplifier technology. The majority of new innovations are often first seen in the Masters Series before they are rolled out to the other product ranges, so for up-to-the-minute tech, look no further.

Along with amplifiers, NAD Electronics also specialise in home theatre systems. Popular products in this range include the A/V (Audio/Video) surround sound receiver, A/V surround sound preamp processor, and the seven-channel power amplifier.

Other NAD electronics

To accompany the major product ranges, additional audio and video items, such as NAD headphones that are ideal for home or studio use. In addition, the company provides CD players, digital music players, turntables, network music players, and more.

Vintage enthusiasts may find a number of historic examples of NADs products, such as a stereo cassette tape deck, multi-disc CD player, or a classic NAD turntable. In addition to vintage items, spare parts are available for a variety of models.