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NAK Hair Care Styling Products

NAK is an Australian owned professional hair care company. They provide a wide range of styling products that draw inspiration from the Australian way of life, and cater to the needs of both men and women. Hair care is important for those that want to maintain strong, healthy and vibrant hair or enjoy experimenting with new looks. Shop a range of NAK shampos and conditioners, or try out a new style with NAK hair relaxers and straightening products.

NAK Brand

The NAK brand is passionate about producing quality products for everyday Australians and professional hairdressers. Many of the products are chemical free, utilising a range of herbs, botanicals and wheat proteins to strengthen and protect your hair naturally. NAK does not test on animals, and those with allergies are catered for with a range of sulphate and paraben free products. As one of the fastest growing hair care brands in Australia, NAK is a popular choice for all hair care needs.

Shampoo and Conditioner

While other brands may only offer one type of shampoo and conditioner, the NAK shampoo and conditioner range caters to a variety of hair types. Whether you are looking to repair dry, brittle, soft, dehydrated, coloured or dandruff hair, there is a specific product to treat each of these needs. NAK Signature range shampoo and conditioner uses natural mineral elements sourced from the sea, and these five key ingredients will help to cleanse, repair and strengthen the hair.

Styling Products

Styling products enable you to experiment with different hairstyles. NAK styling products range from texturising sprays and powders, designed to increase hair volume and thickness through to styling creams, gels and waxes that enable you to form hair into various styles.


Treatment products are designed to repair chemically damaged hair or improve moisture. Most of these products are designed to be applied to the hair and left in for a period of time, during which the hair will be strengthened and repaired. Some of the products come in a convenient spray bottle, which makes them easy to apply. NAK products also detangle hair and provide extra shine, making hair easier to manage. For those that use hot styling tools, a NAK protectant would be recommended prior to using these tools, as it will reduce damage to hair.