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Nars Has You Covered

Nars Cosmetics and Skincare have really established themselves as a one-stop-shop for all of your health and beauty needs. From skin care to make-up products and make-up tools, Nars has got every angle of your morning and evening routine covered.

Nars for the face and cheeks

Start your make-up routine right with Nars. Here you can find a vast range of foundation and primer products, designed for different levels of coverage. Every woman is different, and that's why Nars offers full coverage, medium coverage or sheer coverage products. Once you've got your foundation sorted, you can make blemishes a thing of the past with the Nars range of concealer make-up. It's all about matching your own skin tone and enhancing the natural beauty you already have.

For your cheeks, there are some great products on offer such as highlighter, bronzer, blush and even some convenient multi-use items to make your make-up routine easier. Whether you prefer a matte, sheer or shimmer finish, you've got options aplenty.

Lips and eyes

For the woman who loves crafting her own unique style, it all happens with the lips and eyes. Nars gives you plenty of good choices ranging from traditional lipsticks in a range of colours to liquid lipsticks and lip gloss. The impressive range of shades is bound to impress you, and there really is something for every occasion.

For your eyes, look no further than Nars for a complete make-up solution. From subtle tones to enchanting, smoky colours, the eyeshadow range gives you the freedom to choose. Top it all off with the precision of Nars eyeliner, pump up those lashes with their amazing mascara products, and you've got a look that is yours.

Skincare from Nars

It's not all about cosmetics with Nars. They understand that having healthy skin is all part of the overall look you want, and that's where their skincare range comes in. You'll find skin primer products with SPF sun protection, as well as multi-action toners that keep your skin fresh and vibrant. You'll also love the Aqua Gel Luminous moisture cream for everyday use, and there's a good reason it's one of Nars' best selling items.

To keep your skin firm and to address unwanted lines around the eyes and face, there are specially formulated creams and serums for every concern. Even if you just want a fresh and natural feeling each morning, you can choose from a variety of Nars cleanser options designed to clean and revitalise your naturally beautiful skin.

Make-up tools and accessories

Nars doesn't just give you the products to apply - it also gives you the means to apply it like a pro. Their popular range of brushes for face make-up application and specialised eye brushes will have you feeling like a professional make-up artist in your own home. You'll find brushes and tools for every single application, from eyes to cheeks, eyebrow brushes to eyelash curlers.

The trendy range of Kabuki brushes are also available, and people love the versatility and quality they offer. So, for a full make-up and skincare solution, look no further than Nars. Start shopping today!