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NEC Transistors

Fix up all your electronics with NEC transistors

Anytime that you find yourself repairing, maintaining or building anything electronic, quite often you are going to need a new transistor. Universally adaptable and useful, transistors are just as essential as high quality electrical tool kits when you need to control electricity flow in transistor radios, circuit boards, diodes and a wide range of other devices. Based on the transistor’s functionality, you will need to select from either a power transistor, a small signal transistor or an RF high-frequency transistor.

Luckily for you, eBay is home to hundreds of NEC transistors that can help you make the repairs you need to get your tech up and running smoothly again.

Types Of NEC Transistors


Made of silicon, a material that can be turned into an amplifier that encourages the flow of voltage along a device’s circuit.


NPN is one subtype of bipolar transistors, which are the most common type of transistor. These allow for a quick flow from the voltage collector along the circuit to the emitter.


PNP is another type of bipolar transistor. The key difference is the PNP transistor works in the opposite way of an NPN transistor. Electricity flows from the emitter and along the circuit to the collector. This means the default state is always on even when the device has no voltage flowing through it.


In its most basic form, transistors are switches that only allow electrons to flow under certain conditions. These conditions are determined by how the silicon material of the semiconductor is doped and layered.

When working with electronics, it's always important that you be careful, only take on projects for which you're qualified, and don't hesitate to contact professionals if you need help.

If you do have what it takes to make repairs, you can shop the huge range of NEC transistors online on eBay today and find the key components you need to get the job done.