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NETGEAR Computer Modem-Router Combos

NETGEAR Computer Modem Router Combos

A wireless routers job is more than just connecting to you to the world of internet. If youre only interested in the internet access then you probably wont have to worry about all the tricks that your router can do perform. However, for individuals who want to get the best experience out of the router, there are quite a number of advanced Wi-Fi router features that make life much easier. NETGEAR has just revolutionized the world of routers. NETGEAR was not only the first to introduce the worlds fastest wireless routers but also continues to offer the best range of options to meet every type of home networking need.

Why Should I Choose a NETGEAR Modem/Router Combo Device?

Having your modem and router in the same device comes with several advantages, some of which have to do with simplicity, future-proofing and access to network controls. Basic internet users will appreciate the simplicity of cable modems/router combos. Below are the factors that make a NETGEAR router ideal:

  • High performance:NETGEAR cable modem routers provide high-performance even for users that almost never leave their computers.
  • Speed: If youre looking for a 2-in-1 device that will optimize your internet connection for the highest possible speeds then NETGEAR cable modem router is the way to go. NETGEAR Wi-Fi modems deliver the latest wireless speeds of up to 1.9Gbps with combined processors of about 1.6GHz, or even higher.
  • No modem rental fees: Are you tired of paying monthly modem rental fees? Why not get a NETGEAR cable modem router and save the extra bucks for other uses?

What Is the Difference Between a Wi-Fi Router and Wi-Fi Modem?

These two devices can be confusing but not anymore, here is some differentiation that will help clear the concept

  • A modem can connect to one computer via the Ethernet port, while a router can connect to multiple computers through Wi-Fi or Ethernet port.
  • A modem provides access to the internet by sending and receiving data over telephone lines. A router, on the other hand, directs the data in a given network and passes the same data between home PCs and the modem.