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Preserve your look with NIOXIN hair care products from eBay

Inspired by her own experience, creator of NIOXIN Eva Graham made it her life’s mission to help men and women feel good about themselves by helping them keep their hair.

NIOXIN is a treatment for fine or thinning hair, and years of research have gone into its development.

While some systems simply bond fibres onto hair follicles to camouflage thinning, NIOXIN provides a complete range of conditioners, cleansers, and treatments that combine and can help nourish, repair, and strengthen your hair.

Their award-winning products work by simultaneously targeting both the foundation in the scalp and the hair itself, encouraging collagen production for less fallout which ensures strong new growths.

What is NIOXIN?

NIOXIN specialises in hair care products for fine, thinning, or weakening hair, offering four different levels of treatment that caters for all types of hair. Each level includes shampoo, conditioner, and other specialist products such as stimulating lotions and thickening serums used afterwards on your scalp.

NIOXIN believes that scalp health creates hair health, so its products help to create a healthy scalp to enable growth for stronger and thicker hair. NIOXIN creates a clean foundation for hair growth by removing follicle-blocking debris such as product build-up, environmental residue, and excess sebum from the scalp.

Do You Need NIOXIN?

If you run your fingers through your hair, you can usually feel it if your hair needs help, or you might also be able to see it. If you notice any of the following three warning signs, you should consider using NIOXIN on your hair.

If the skin on your scalp isn’t clean and healthy, follicles may become clogged which means hair can’t grow. If there is a reduced density of hair, with fewer hair strands giving the impression of thinning hair, or if your hair feels thinner, with the strands seeming more prone to breakage.

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