Popular Nivea Products

Enjoy a healthy glow from tip to toe with Nivea skin care   

For more than a century, German brand Nivea has been leading the way in the skincare industry. It all started with the development of a revolutionary skin cream formula, but today Nivea is known for its broad range of women’s, men’s and unisex personal care and lifestyle products. The Nivea philosophy is simple – provide quality everyday products at affordable prices.   

Want to get your smooth hands on renowned personal and skin care solutions that have stood the test of time? At eBay you can load up on all sorts of health and beauty essentials including Nivea body lotions and moisturisers, cleansers and toners, anti-aging products, face creams, lip balms and lip treatments, sunscreens, antiperspirants and deodorants, and even Nivea for men personal grooming solutions. The question is: what does your body need to feel at its best?   

Nivea favourites   

Nivea Creme is the company’s classic moisturising formula for the whole body. Sold in compact tins of different quantities, this dermatologically-tested cream is designed to counter both dry and oily skin types on a daily basis. If you want to feel fresh faced and silky smooth, Nivea Creme could well be the answer.   

To target more specific concerns such as signs of aging and skin dehydration, consider the wide array of different Nivea skin care options like facial wash gels, refreshing facial wipes, anti-blemish exfoliating wipes, anti-wrinkle night creams, beautifying moisturisers and firming body oils.    

Nivea for men   

In recent times, Nivea has emerged as one of the more popular brands of men’s personal care and grooming products. From moisturisers, exfoliating scrubs and face wash gels to aerosol spray / roll-on deodorants and shaving gels and lotions, modern men can certainly take advantage of Nivea’s commitment to personal grooming.   

A quick eBay search will often lead you to the specialty Nivea skin care products listed above, and a whole lot more, so don’t let your skin suffer any longer!