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Nord Keyboards

The electronic keyboard is one of the most versatile instruments in the world. It can be set up for virtually any sound you might use to make music with. While the form imitates that of a piano, you can get an electronic rendition of almost any instrument out of a keyboard, including notoriously bulky and expensive ones like organs. Nord is a company that’s been in the electronic music game since 1983, starting with electronic drumming and progressing to electronic music keyboards in 1995 with the Nord Lead. Nord’s signature wax-red instruments have been a fixture ever since.


The keyboard is a great instrument to learn the basics of music in; you don’t need to worry about anything other than pressing the right key to get the correct sound to come out. No tuning, no wrong technique to watch out for; just you and the notes. In the hands of a master, though, a keyboard is almost magical, although they tend to have a few extra features at that level. Nord pro audio synthesisers have a huge amount of extra nobs and dials to adjust the sound just so, and synthesisers are used by musical groups the world over to help edit and adjust their sound.

Organs and Pianos

Of course, the biggest selling point of a keyboard to beginners and advanced musicians alike is that it’s so much like playing certain other instruments but with only a fraction of the hassle and space taken up. A conventional piano can take up anything from a corner to a whole room, and you can’t really stow it or put it away easily as it’s so heavy. Organs are even worse in that respect; even the smallest consist of a large cabinet, and they might as well be nailed to the floor for how much they weigh. Nord electronic organs are a fantastic way to get that imposing sound in your music without having to win the lottery and setting aside a whole room in your new castle manor.

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