Sound great with Nord

Handmade in Sweden, Nord Keyboards are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and quality control.

Designed with the needs of live musicians in mind, each Nord instrument combines exceptional sound quality, ease of use for the pressure of live performance, and the build quality needed to ensure that they can withstand the demands of life on the road.

In this range, youll find a range of Nord musical instruments, including keyboards, synthesisers, and drum machines, that will keep up with your busy life on tour, as well as being perfectly at home in the studio.

Nord keyboards

Nord keyboards are some of the most highly-regarded professional stage keyboards in the world. Used by top performers and session musicians, they have won multiple awards for their innovation, control, rich sound, and build quality.

If youre looking for a high performance Nord keyboard, youll find a variety of models in this range, such as the Stage 3 series, the Piano 3 Series, the Electro 5 Series, and the Lead A1 Series.

Nord Pro audio synthesisers

Nords Pro Audio Synthesisers are renowned around the world for their enhanced features and performance, making them a must-have for any professional musician or live performer.

Youll find a wide variety of new and pre-owned Pro Audio Synthesisers in this selection, including the Nord Lead A1, the Nord Lead 3, and the Nord Lead A4.

Nord drums

If youre constantly on the road or you regularly play live gigs, carrying a full drum kit around with you is hardly convenient.

With Nords drum machines, you can create your desired drum beats without the need for a physical kit to weigh you down.

The Nord Drum 3P is an expressive, 6-channel drum synthesiser with an amazing dynamic response. This high performance modelling percussion synthesiser also features reverb, delay, simplified sound selection, and an integrated multi-pad.