NSW Boats

NSW Boats

Boating is a mainstream pastime in NSW, and all of Australia, for that matter. The boating industry in Australia generated a turnover of over $8 billion in 2016/2017, and with over 515,000 valid boat licences in NSW alone. If you live in Sydney, Coffs Harbour or Newcastle, finding a boat for sale online is easier than ever. Whether you are after a catamaran, an aluminium boat or a motor cruiser, it is always worth browsing online to see what is available.

Aluminium Hulls

For price and strength, aluminium hulls are the way to go. Aluminium is extremely durable and can withstand impact far better than fibreglass could. If your aluminium hull does get damaged, it will likely result in a dent which can simply be hammered out. Severe damage will involve an aluminium welder but it takes quite an impact to destroy an aluminium hull. Thankfully, aluminium requires less maintenance than fibreglass as long as you keep it free from corrosion.

Fibreglass Hulls

If you are more concerned with comfort and aesthetics, then fibreglass hulls are definitely the way to go. Fibreglass boats offer a smoother ride on the water and will result in a more relaxed ride, free from choppy waves. If you struggle to get your sea legs, then fibreglass may be your best option. Fibreglass hulls are sleeker, especially with their polished gelcoat to bring on a finer looking surface.

NSW Boats

With so many fishing tournaments and boating events in NSW, there is no wonder that there is a wide range of boats on the market to purchase. Of course, as many boats for sale in NSW offer only local pickup, it pays to check the location of the boat before you buy. If it is your unfulfilled dream to own a Mustang Cruiser or a Sea Wasp, then it just might become a reality.

Hobby Boats

Boating as a hobby is extremely popular and it only takes one smooth ride to become hooked on the water. Summer will never be the same again and you can enjoy such sports as water skiing, water skurfing (surfing behind a boat) or fly fishing all from the privacy of your own boat.