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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 NVIDIA Computer Graphics & Video Cards

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Computer Graphics Video Cards

NVIDIA GeForce has developed a reputation for designing and manufacturing incredibly fast and exceptionally powerful graphics cards. NVIDIA’s GeForce line-up is composed of high-end discrete graphics processing units (GPUs) and caters to consumers interested in the PC gaming market, video production or rendering, and machine learning. With 2 GB of VRAM, the GTX 960 video card can cope with virtually any game or program when you are using a 1080p monitor.

Phenomenal Graphical Performance

Take advantage of cutting-edge NVIDIA Maxwell architecture and experience next-generation physics effects, elevated performance standards, and sharper image quality. The GTX 960 2 GB graphic card uses Maxwell architecture to improve GPU workload balancing, refine clock scheduling, and increase the number of instructions that can be issued for every clock cycle. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2 GB gaming graphics card can also use the PhysX and 3D Vision engines to further improve graphical performance.

Multi-GPU Support

Further improve your computer’s performance by adding a second GTX 960 to the rig. With SLI support, you can vastly increase the number of pixels your computer can push out. Use multi-GPU support to play the latest AAA games at their highest settings. Alternatively, incorporate SLI GTX 960 GPUs in your computer if you want a faster, more responsive, and more functional workstation.

Diverse Applications

Regardless of whether you want a high-end gaming computer or an in-room multimedia machine, the diverse applications of the NVIDIA GTX 960 will ensure that your computer’s graphical processing capacity is up to the task. Make use of adaptive VSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies to prevent screen tearing or picture stuttering. If you wish to build a multi-monitor system, enable NVIDIA GTX Surround in order to unlock a slew of jaw-dropping visual features.

Energy Efficient

As a result of power consumption advancements in the Maxwell Architecture, the NVIDIA GTX 960 remains an efficient and low-power option when it comes to discrete GPUs.