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Nail Art Accessories

There is so much more to a manicure than just applying nail polish. Having your nails done up and fashionable not only looks good but makes you feel good. After a base coat, it's time to add some bling. To ensure it last for more than a day, finish off with a layer of topcoat polish. Nail art accessories include stickers, glitter, gems, stamps, and much more. It might take a bit of practice but before you know it, your home manicure will better than anything you ever paid for at the salon. Don't be surprised if the kids and your friends ask you to be their manicurist.

Add Design

Adding a flower or geometric design to your nails is as easy as placing nail art stickers over your freshly polished nails. To use, simply cut out the design, add a drop of water to the area and press the sticker down. It's a quick way to turn a boring colour into something extraordinary.

Add Sparkle

If designs aren't your thing, consider adding nail art glitter over your colour and give it some sparkle. Everything looks better with glitter, why shouldn't your nails?

Add Gems

Gems are not just for jewellery. A few well-placed gemstones on your fingernails will show the world you know a thing or two about style. Of course, it's not just about gemstones, add a stone shaped like a Christmas tree for the holidays or a glittery bow tie for a wedding.

Stamp it on

Stamping plates are another way to add a little pop your hands. Super easy to use, simply paint the polish on the stamp and place it on your nails. With so many ways to spruce up your nails, the only hard part is deciding on what you want.