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Nail LED Lamps

LED Lamps for Nails

Whether you own a nail shop or routinely do your own nails at home, you know fully well one of the drawbacks of a perfect manicure is waiting for nails to dry. When it comes to the choice between nail dryer fans and UV LED lamps, many nail salons now choose the more modern technology of the UV LED lamp than the nail air dryer. The light emitted from the lamp helps nails (and toenails) dry quickly so clients worry much less about smudges or bumps after a manicure. There are several different types of lamps available for different types of manicures and pedicures.

Lamps for Manicures

When it comes to manicure and pedicure products and lamps, manicure lamps are by far the most common. Pay particular attention to the wattage as you choose your lamp; the higher the wattage, the stronger the power. The stronger the power, the more quickly nails dry. A lamp with wattage in the 40W to 60W range is a good choice. Also, some lamps are designed particularly for different types of manicures. There are some nail lamps designed for regular polish, others for shellac and still other for UV gel and silk wraps. If this is a personal purchase, choose a lamp based on the type of manicure you give yourself most often.

Mini Lamps

Mini LED lamps are perfect choices for manicures at home. These small lights offer a capacity of around 12W and aren’t as strong as the professional lamps you’ll find in salons but still do the job much faster than a simple air dry or spray. These mini lamps dry one nail at a time and have unique, curved design. Choose from myriad colour options to match other items in your manicure ensemble.

Pedicure Lamps

There are also special LED lamps made for pedicures only. These stronger, brighter lamps sit on the floor, and you (or a client’s) foot is inserted neatly into the lamp. Just as with manicure LED lamps, the UV rays from the LED lights help toenails dry quickly so you can be up and walking much more quickly than an air dry.

Brand Options

When it comes to all types of LED nail lamps, there are many brands available and you may recognise some of them as manufacturers of nail polish as well. Look for popular brands such as OPI, Gelish, Avon, Neverland Beauty, Hand and Nail Harmony and many more.

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